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Earth Bread


A loaf of mild sourdough wheat bread with a crispy crust and tender interior

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Earth Bread is a round loaf (“boule”) of sourdough bread – perfect for sandwiches, toasts, and adorning soups and stews. This sourdough has a carefully crafted mild sour flavor comprised of lactic and acetic acids – naturally produced from dough fermentation. Its only ingredients are wheat flour, water and salt and 20& of the flour is whole grain. An apartment oven has been tricked out by the owner – adding steel plates to increase thermal mass and making a steam injection system – all to arrive at a beautiffuly risen loaf with a wonderfully crisp crust and addicting tender interior. In an effort to try to help offset some of the environmental impact taken on with baking and packaging, a portion of Earth Breads’ proceeds are donated to local environment charities. Please feel welcome to reach out with local Huntsville groups working to restore and protect the environment.