Strawberries & Cream Heart Croissants for Mom

A Morning for Mom

She starts all of our days off right.

Let’s do that for Mom on Mother’s Day.

The Strawberries & Cream Heart Croissants are all-butter croissants filled with farm-fresh local strawberries from Champion Farms. Surrounding the strawberries is a delightful mascarpone cream filling.

Stuffed full with strawberries and cream, each Heart Croissant weighs nearly one half of a pound. The gift basket comes with four Heart Croissants and extra strawberries! 

Mom love MegaCookies? Add them below!

Pre-Order the Pastries!

Reserve your mama’s basket of Strawberries & Cream Heart Croissants as soon as possible! Due to its intricate nature, orders are very limited.

  • Serves 4-8 (Each croissant weighs nearly a 1/2 pound!)
  • Local Pickup Only!
  • Pickup Location: The square of green grass in Providence.
  • Pickup Time: Sunday, May 9th, STRICTLY 7:30-8:30 am!

Please note! Mark your calendars and set your alarms! Outside of special circumstances, orders that are not picked up will be surrendured & payment will not be refunded.

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Out of stock

Orders are very limited for the most special moms!

Pickup Location: The Greenspace at Providence
Pickup Day & Time: Sunday, May 9th, 7:30-8:30 am


Thursday: Greene Street

Saturday: Bailey Cove

Sunday: Market @ Midcity

MegaCookies for MegaFun!

A third of a pound each, three times the size of a regular cookie, gooey on the inside…heavy as a hockey puck! IMPORTANT! Comment in checkout where you are picking up & varieties of MegaCookies if buying 3 or more!



Make Ya’ Cha Cha Focaccia!

An ancestor to pizza, focaccia is a beautiful chewy yet fluffly flatbread with a slightly crisp crust. Classically topped with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary, and sea salt…this (socially distant) crowd-favorite is sure to make you dance!



Pampered Pantry Staples

The Bakingtist’s Golden Syrup

Think true caramel – in the form of a syrup! 100% cane sugar slowly caramelized into a true-caramel syrup. This is very popular in Europe and New Zealand, and difficult to find in the U.S. Drizzle hot golden syrup over pancakes & waffles, stir it into hot tea, enjoy it with oatmeal. The Bakingtist uses it everywhere in baking in place of corn syrup, honey, maple syrup and more. This 8 ounce jar is great for an entire (or more) pecan pie!


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Sea Salt & Caramel “Broutons”!

The Bakingtist’s buttery brioche is toasted until crunchy, coated with a decadent caramel then tossed in sea salt. Think decadent caramel popcorn, without kernels stuck in your teeth. Eat as a yummy snack, crunch it up atop ice-cream, add bits to a strawberry-balsamic salad….coat french toast sticks. A small portion is all that is needed as the brioche is much more filling. Five servings per bag, or one if you’re the smart one.


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Focaccia Stuffing Kit

The Bakingtist’s very popular focaccia – turned into an easy five-min stovetop stuffing kit. The Bakingtist’s focaccia is a mild-sourdough that takes three days to make in order to enhance the smooth flavors of fermentation. Each kit Includes golden-toasted bites of TB’s mild sourdough rosemary & sea salt focaccia, and a packed sachet of dried vegetables & herbs! Serves 10-12, instructions included! (Plus no big vegetable chunks – great for kiddos.)


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The Bakingtist’s Gr8 Pie Spice

EIGHT of some of the world’s most expensive spices are combined in The Bakingtist’s exact ratio for a delicious addition to your baking, beverages, ice cream & more! This is twice the number of spices you will find in a typical store pie-spice! 28 grams will make for many pie additions, without having to measure out each individual spice.


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Get ready for a full day of sciencing-fun! Blow up a balloon with yeast and sugar-water *and* gain the life skill of making your very own loaf of bread! 

All along the way, enjoy coloring your way through a 14-page guide that explores the science of fermentation , as well as some of The Bakingtist’s favorite historical scientist role models! 

Dancing breaks included. 💃💃💃

Part of The Bakingtist’s ‘Baking with STEAM’ line of products, The Bread Balloon Bonanza is geared toward kids around ages 7-14. Adult supervision required.


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  • The Bakingtist’s 14-Page Coloring-Book Step-By-Step Science-Filled Guide
  • The Bakingtist’s ‘I Zinc I Can’ – Oven Mitts – Set of 2
  • Experiment Part One Contents: Bottle of Water, Yeast, Sugar, Balloons, Paper Cones
  • Experiment Part Two Contents: Loaf Pan, Bowl Cover, Flour, Salt
  • Crayons & Mechanical Pencil


  • Microwave & Oven
  • Spatula or Large Spoon
  • Soccer-Ball-Sized Bowl
  • 2-Cup Microwave-Safe Container



Sourdough Starter Kit

Just add water, & build an active sourdough starter in just 3 days! A ‘laboratory notebook’ guides you through each step, with pre-apportioned dehydrated starter & flour. Includes sourdough starter jar &  wax pencil to write your starter’s name & track feed dates on the jar! This is for the baker ready to get into their own sourdough journey.


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I Zinc I Can! Oven Mitts – Set of 2

The Bakingtist’s favorite slogan “I Zinc I Can!” & VERY FIRST MERCH! One gold and one fuschia printed, 100% cotton oven mitt with a neoprene-lined grip. 9″ x 7″ x 1″ – large enough to fit adults, yet shorter so good for kids too. Includes lots of positive thinking. 💪👩‍🔬


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