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Beautifully fermented sourdoughs and focaccias.

Buttery brioches swirled with cinnamon and chocolate.

Delectable pastries with scratch-made fillings.

Melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

And that’s just part one.

The Bakingtist is on a mission: SHARE THE SCIENCE.

The Bakingtist aims, through fun and community interaction, to share the science learned from meticulous testing of baked goods.


The Bakingtist started in a 400 sqft apartment as a tiny lil’ bakery selling at farmer’s markets

It moved twice, so worked in apartments in 3 different cities (figuring out life)

The hustle continued! The Bakingtist then shared a kitchen with 10+ food businesses (and still sold at markets!)

Six years in & it finally is opening its first BRICK & MORTAR!


Greene St Farmers' Market

Outdoor market (website here), rain or shine, Thursday evenings!
4pm – 8pm May – August
4pm – 7pm September
3pm – 6pm October

Order a very special batch of baked goods

Impress colleagues or satisfy partygoers… think pastries, cookies, breads & more

Ask for baking research, testing or instruction

For learning recipes, understand baking science, and so much more – feel welcome reach out for consulting


Feel more than welcome to reach out!

Call or text The Bakingtist at (256) 517-8112

Email at


11 + 7 =

A portion of the proceeds from every Earth Bread sold is directly donated to local non-profit groups working hard toward conservation and sustainability for this beautiful planet we call Earth.

Break bread, not the Earth.

Dollars Donated